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Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Intelligence services seem to fuck things up massively every 20 years and fuck things up slightly every two. When a Berlin wall falls, they're the last to tell you. To make up for it, they say that the chances of Saddam invading Kuwait are slim. MI6 has made it quite clear that now they want to be not just useless in the sense of not doing their job well. They also want to be useless in the sense that they don't want people using them or their work. (The Guardian) They resent, apparently, their insights being used in the arguments for the invasion of Iraq. Whose insights were people meant to use, exactly? The have "concerns that politicians misunderstand the vocabulary, language and ambiguities when interpreting intelligence assessments." The point out that "politicians have little or no training in interpreting intelligence." "Tony Blair made the intelligence assessments provided by MI6 a central tenet of his case for war against Saddam Hussein," The Guardian points out. Where did the government get the idea of using information from an organization paid millions to give information to the government? Am I being stupid and am I needlessly swearing when I ask, "What the fuck else MI6 is meant to do but tell us what is going on?" MI6 giving MI6 information is nice for MI6, i suppose. But they'd resemble Keynesian Worker to be digging holes and filling them in. Please, MI6, share your stuff.