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Monday, October 18, 2004


The difference between hip-hop and rap as outlined by Maxi Jazz:When I embraced hip-hop in the 1980s, rappers were concerned with ghetto youths' obsession with gold rope chains. Now we've moved on to ice-encrusted Rolexes and necklaces so studded with rocks that it's no wonder rappers work out.
What you hear today is not hip-hop, it's rap music. Hip-hop is a cultural movement born to draw together disaffected youth and give us somewhere not only to belong, but where we can excel. Hip-hop is not something you do or hear, it's something you are. Rap music is just rap music.

Part of the reason young people don't march as the conscience of a nation anymore is that most hip-hop is now merely rap. Our political leaders and media moguls, with their skillful use of language, make sure that people don't know that before one can usefully help the weak, one must first tackle the greed that works to keep them weak. And rappers, with their love of bling, reinforce this ignorance.

The truth we are not told is this: while we continue to display our childish lack of self-esteem by adorning our bodies with things that others can't afford - in particular, diamonds - then African children, mothers and fathers will continue to be slaughtered. With our love of bling, we in the west heedlessly fuel the unimaginable misery of millions of Africans. Why does the Guardian let Maxi Jazz say what it won't let John McWhorter say?