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Monday, October 18, 2004


Inquiring MINDS
Will someone let Renato Martino know where the term "holy inquisition" comes from? And what damage it did to life and thought. And how culturally lobbies might be unpleasant, but far less unpleasant than Thomas "If-you-see-that-your-neighbors-are-wearing-clean-and-fancy-clothes-on-Saturdays,-they-are-Jews.-If-they-clean-their-houses-on-Fridays-and-light-candles-earlier-than-usual-on-that-night,-they-are-Jews.-If-they-eat-unleavened-bread-and-begin-their-meal-with-celery-and--lettuce-during-Holy-Week,-they-are-Jews.-If-they-say-prayers-facing-a-wall,-bowing-back-and-forth,--they-are-Jews" Torquemada's style of cultural lobbying:
A prominent Vatican cardinal on Monday assailed what he called attempts to silence the Roman Catholic Church on issues of gender and marriage, blaming «powerful cultural, economic and political lobbies.» Cardinal Renato Martino said «new holy inquisitions full of money and arrogance» were taking aim at church positions, particularly in Europe.
Martino, president of the Vatican's Justice and Peace Council and former Vatican representative at the United Nations in New York, declined to further identity such lobbies.
And next: Lukashenko complaining of Stalinist purges and rigged elections.