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Monday, November 01, 2004


Following Friedman's inspired leap away from the uninspiring choice between Kerry and Bush to the choice from history (but but but but still, why then did he pick the Bush Sr.??????), my endorsement for President is Benjamin Disraeli, who moderated Gladstone's neo-conservative/Victorian liberal thirst to reform the Balkans, was an interesting and interestingly dressed conservative and an awful novelist. Also, Jewish by parentage, Christian by the age of 1, which would confuse people. If that's not allowed, my endorsement is for being European and going out for drinks election night and taking full advantage of the European moral superiority that comes from having no choice in the matter. We'd never elect Bush. We'd never elect Kerry. We would never do what America does. Because we couldn't and because we can't anymore. So I'll be getting drunk at some ligger sponsored by my paper, and complaining about the inadequacy of whoever wins. Obviously, I'll be happier if Bush goes. I don't allow that sort of thing to affect my drunken moaning, however.