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Monday, January 24, 2005


Bertelsmann/Doubleday's violation of bin Laden's copyright in publishing an Al Qaeda reader strikes me as at least the first 6 hours of a '24' series:

12-2.00 Tony Almeida tries to prevent the copyright infringement

2-3.00 Bauer explains that it's all a ruse to get bin Laden and Tony has to let it go to court

3-4.00 In court Kim Bauer dresses up as a lawyer and represents bin Laden. Just as the judge finds for Osama, Jack Bauer snaps into action and ties to arrest bin Laden. Thanks to a CTU mole, bin Laden escapes.

4-5.00 Someone from division then tries to track bin Laden by following Doubleday's royalties as they flow to Al-Qaeda.

I'm not sure how the next 18 hours ago, but that's because I am not paid to know.