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Friday, February 25, 2005


An article in East Germany was once supressed for mentioning that East German censors supressed articles. No such problem at Pravda:
Regarding the freedom of the press in Russia, what exactly is Bush talking about? The author of this article has written for Russian press outlets for many years and not once has any article been suppressed or indeed have I ever received any guidelines as to what I should say or not say.
I go further, and George Bush had better listen to this: I even contacted the Kremlin asking for such guidelines and the answer was 'we cannot give you guidelines. You must write what you want to write. It is your affair, not ours'.
The point is that the press has to be responsible and accountable. It cannot give away secrets for terrorists to read, for example. Freedom of the Press in Russia is about responsibility, it is about curtailing the trend for millions of dollars to be passed around in exchange for state secrets. Surely, this is common knowledge? Surely someone in the US administration could have warned George Bush about what was really happening before he made an idiot of himself (yet again).