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Friday, February 18, 2005


Blue Velvet in Manchester

And while we're talking about that, let me just copy-and-paste once again, for no real reason other than I love it so, the final page of Lynch's unproduced Ronnie Rocket screenplay
Mr. Magic looks into the table. There inside he sees the detective floating towards the Gold Ronny. He floats inside of it.

He did it

Mr Magic begins to scream silently. All is quiet.

Now we see the Detective floating in golden light. He floats to a small golden temple building in the golden light. He breaks the seal on the double doors and pulls them open as he floats. White golden light fills the screen

-----Bill's living room goes to light

-----The wart lady's place goes to light.

-----Mr Magic gets smaller and smaller and turns into a black tar man
then to a tar ball, getting smaller

-----Ronny starts to float up on stage, ten feet in the air.

-----The city turns to gold.

-----The black tar ball dissappears

-----Ronny glows golden light.

-----The Band and Mr Bucko disappear in gold light.

Ronny floats gold in a blue-black space sky.

The Detective merges with Ronny

The smiling woman merges with Ronny.

The golden city is golden inside Ronny

Ronny moves his hands and Bob and Dan and Deborah as little angels, float around him.

Ronny sings a beautiful cosmic love song and all goes to gold

They still don't make them like they didn't used to make them in the old days.