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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Here's another thing I've written in my dreams. Why are my dreams getting this lucid? Because I keep trying, and failing, to get up at 8 and I half-sleep until 9, and my mind, not knowing what to in the meantime comes up with weird shit like this:

I have a robot called Bobot the Robot
Who says "Me No Feel so Good"
"Why No Feel So Good?" I ask Bobot the Robot
Because Bobot would die if Bobot could
Said Bobot the Robot, "But Bobot No Die,
Bobot Go On, Recharge, Without Terminus Ad Quem"
"Terminuses ad Quem?" I say, "Why worry about them?"

And that's about as far as I got, I think, if i remember correctly. Really, why can't I dream about things like hitting the six that brings the Ashes back to England or detonating the Dento-Collider that destroys Thrarg's base. Bobot the Robot? What is that?