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Monday, February 21, 2005


"[I]slands don't have to be land surrounded by water. To a highland-breeding giant tortoise, each of the five volcanoes along the length of the big island of Isabela (Albemarle to Darwin, who used the traditional English names) is an island of green habitability surrounded by inhospitable lava desert. Most of the Galápagos Islands are single volcanos. But the big island, Isabela, is a necklace of five volcanos, spaced from each other at approximately the same distance as the single volcano on the neighbouring island of Fernandina which, from one point of view, might as well be a sixth volcano on Isabela. To a tortoise, Isabela is an archipelago within an archipelago. Not just to a tortoise. The same is true of some plants, moths, land and sea iguanas and other things." Richard Dawkins, in The Guardian