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Monday, March 21, 2005


O Good God, this is worse than The Day After Tomorrow: " Developmental biologists have been doing this for a long time—once a field has its Nobel, you can be sure it's reasonably mature. What people haven't really done, however, is to do this for the human body. The reason is obvious: you just can't go out and generate mutants in humans. For humans you've got to go out and find those mutants. But they're out there. There are thousands upon thousands of mutants out there—no, more, millions—.... no, actually billions. This is because we are all mutants. That's one thing you don't expect but which happens to be statistically true. Each of us carries mutations that interrupt particular genes. So if you can just find who is a mutant for a particular gene, and examine what they look like, you can actually then work out what those genes do." I am not a mutant, OK? I hate mutants, with an X-Men senator ferocity. How dare you suggest.... Kill them all, I say. Billions of them out there? Very well then. You say that like it's a bad thing. Billions of them must die. (Link via The Edge)