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Wednesday, March 09, 2005



MacLamity thought that Slate was being unfair when it said "The woolly mammoth was far too specialized—and too dumb—a beast to adapt to its changing environment. The producers at CBS News may be specialized, but they're not stupid." Too dumb indeed!

MacLamity has had an awe for woolly mammoths, one greater than his awe for dinosaurs, ever since he saw a stuffed, fake Woolly Mammoth in the Isle of Man museum. Woolly elephants walked the earth and were hunted for meat! In the Isle of Man! It was a proof that anything was possible, even if your chances of seeing anything happen were slim.

So, I don't know anything about Woolly Mammoth's...

Here are some articles that fixed that up the right way:

Firstly, the proof that anything was possible turns out to have been suspect:
Man was certainly in Europe and possibly even in Britain, which was then united to the Continent by continuous dry land, before the ice-age ; but no remains of that earliest inhabitant have yet been found in the Isle of Man. Eemains of the earliest Stone Age have been met with in the south of England and as far north as Yorkshire. These were the men of the Palaeolithic Age, when the use of metals was not known and the stone implements were rude and unpolished. These primitive weapons, tools and other remains are found in association with the bones of long extinct animals characteristic of the Pleistocene period, such as the mammoth, the cave bear and cave lion, the bison, a hyaena, and the woolly-haired rhinoceros. No traces of the presence of man at this early period or of any of such extinct mammals have, as yet, been found in the Isle of Man.