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Thursday, April 28, 2005


Liking American Music Club never won me any friends, or made my friends like me more. The person I took to a Mark Eitzel concert, along with the 9,000 people waiting before Central Park's Central Stage for Lisa Loeb, sat through Eitzel's cow-like wailing and semi-competent guitar strumming with the patience and abstraction of a fakir on a bed of nails. I play the songs that soaked up days of my teenage years to hearing ears that wish they were deaf. But the good thing about American Music Club, is that after people laugh at your pathetic attachment to American Music Club, American Music Club is still there to give you solace. Those were a rough few years when they broke up. Eitzel came up with ONE good song away from the band, as far as I can tell. And that was a cover. I was afraid of the reformed AMC's new album. But then I found out you could stream it for nothing and also that it's really good. Right up there with "Mercury."

Your broken heart might bring you to heaven/But it will not bring you another morning with Kathleen

If you want to see something patriotic/Then there's a stripper...

We're so small compared to our hearts/We're so small compared to our alibis/I didn't mean to make you cry

You say that weakness is only a way to give your heart to your enemy

Why do I waste time with people who'll never love anyone/My only sin/I started hating my own skin

The music they'd play there would be Dinosaur Junior and the people who'd work there would be super skinny and super unfriendly and that would make me happy/And what really kills me that I'm lonely when I'm talking to you

I don't want to hurt you/But if i do I'll pay
And these are just the lyrics! Sorry, if you're eyes glazed over. I feel kind of bad as you to struggle to come up with a vague compliment to cover the embarrassment of the shit I listen to. I swear, these guys are geniuses.