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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Such is the influence of Gianni Agnelli that Umberto Eco both imitates him and, more to the point, won't admit it to an Englishman:
He strokes his beard as he says this, and I notice he wears his watch over his shirt cuff, with the face on the inside of his wrist. Is this meaningful?
'There are two practical reasons for it - one is that in my job I am obliged to attend a lot of symposia, which are frequently very boring. If I do this to check the time [he bends his arm], everybody notices. If I do it this way [he looks down at his watch without moving his wrist], I can check surreptitiously without showing it.
'As for the sleeve, that is because my watch-strap gives me eczema. So,' he says with a laugh, 'there is a meaning there, but not a terribly interesting one.'