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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Good to know that African writers feel this problem as well:

I sensed that they did not want to hear about growing up in town and getting a western-type education. The mundane climax was my switch from law to writing. Any American writer could have told them this.

I felt as if I had been invited under false pretences. I should have been born in a poverty-stricken village, brutally circumcised with a blunt, unsanitised knife with other five-year-old girls, then, a few years later, kidnapped by child soldiers, becoming a sex slave of a rebel commander before escaping dramatically and trekking through the dry bush for miles and months until I was rescued by foreign aid workers, 'rehabilitated' and adopted by a gracious American family. I would end up triumphant and grateful in the US and living to tell my story; which is, of course, a story worth telling.