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Sunday, August 07, 2005


Winning the lottery in Limerick is less like "Waking Ned" than I'd have expected, and more like, well, The Lottery:

Even now, visitors are warned off entering Island Field, the bleak estate, known as 'the parish', just north of the city centre. For those that do enter, it is the crows that they first notice. Scores of the scavengers pick at the detritrus that clogs the streets. Such areas remain the stronghold of Limerick's criminal gangs, whose membership may run into hundreds.
Barely a week ago, 22 Patrick Street was a modest family bungalow. Now it is the target for thousands of hawkers, financiers and charities from across the world. Neighbours claim financial advisers have attempted to bribe them with free holidays in return for an introduction to the millionaire.
Limerick priest Father Joe Young warned Dolores last week that she had 'no future' with her winnings and urged her to give every penny to charity. Her response so far has been to disappear along with her family and her huge windfall.