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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


MacLamity's new fixation is the Vatican's canon law. Not sure why it's so hypnotic. Is it the hyperlinks to the different clauses that keep me going, with their resemblance to logic statements:

a person who has committed a delict mentioned in

The vocabulary is stingingly good. Check out the grand finale of this sentence: "a man who has a wife, unless he is legitimately destined to the permanent diaconat." Maybe it's just that the way the law's specificity makes clear how the one true church thinks of everything:

In more urgent occult cases, if the ordinary or, when it concerns the irregularities mentioned in ⇒ can. 1041, nn. 3 and 4, the Penitentiary cannot be approached and if there is imminent danger of grave harm or infamy, a person impeded by an irregularity from exercising an order can exercise it, but without prejudice to the obligation which remains of making recourse as soon as possible to the ordinary or the Penitentiary, omitting the name and through a confessor.

When it comes to God, there are no loopholes.

See also Lawrence Sterne's favorite example of the struggle for loopholeless theology.