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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Poetry isn't being helped by its defenders, part XVII! "We were hoping to provoke people into thinking about the poetry that's being written today, describing life on Earth as we know it," says the director of the U.K.'s Poetry Society. Great! How? By blasting a poem into space, of course.

... Bob Geldof, are you wondering how to make people care about Africa and poverty again, now that the world's richest country is suffering a Live-8 scale disaster? Are you reading, this? Then do what the Poetry Society's doing. Then put on a competition where people vote on their favorite poor person, who then gets blasted into space. It'll make people think about poverty, and life on Earth as we know it....

....Is it worth making the point that generally the things you blast off into space are the things you're trying to get rid of? At least, that's how Krypton treated the rebels at the start of Superman, after Marlon Brando had put in bad word for them. No, it's probably not worth mentioning....