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Monday, October 10, 2005


It is rare that a sentence beginning with the construction “As a person who…. I object to….” leaves anything memorable behind it. At Stanford in the late ‘90s every hundredth sentence MacLamity heard or read seemed to begin “As a product of affirmative action, I object to…” and yet I can’t remember how any of them ended. This surprising and delightful comment on monkey psychology in the NYT Book Review, by being an incredibly rare exception to the rule, is therefore yet another sign of how good it has become under Sam Tanenhaus:

Also, since I am a person with autism, I do not agree with de Waal's view that emotions are required for making choices and storing memories. I use my visual thinking all the time to make logical choices. When Kuni helped the injured bird, emotion may have been the motivation, but visual thinking was the method. She compared the wing to her visual memories of flying birds and spread it to fit that image. I think her brain and mine would perform the task the same way.