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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


A small insight into where the blurbs come from:

On the back cover, Jacques Pepin calls the book a 'well-written tale of many kitchens by a committed, dedicated young chef.' But in a phone conversation last week he said he had read only the first chapter when he wrote his endorsement.
'I regret having sent it,' Mr. Pepin said from his home in Connecticut. 'I'm irate. For a young chef to have the pretension to attack Mr. Keller - I've never seen such a thing.'
Mario Batali called the book 'honest and matter-of-fact' in his back-cover blurb. In an e-mail last week he said he had composed his comments without finishing the 294-page book, adding, 'I know that Thomas Keller's kitchens are spotless and that Dan Barber does not rip off recipes.'