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Thursday, November 10, 2005


The Gannibal of classical music is having some of his music played at last:

The conductor Frans Br├╝ggen asks the question that will be on anyone's mind: "Is the fencing master from the Caribbean of lasting interest, or are we merely staring at the backdrop to Mozart's greatness?" (He leaves the question open.)
When a composer has led such an incredibly colourful life, and risen against improbable odds, it's tempting to read extra significance into the music. One commentator speaks of an unusual "Creole melancholy" in the slow movement of the symphony.
The "Creole" bit is pure invention; if you didn't know the identity of the composer, you might just as easily call it "Slavic" melancholy. But there's no doubt it has a sharp and intriguing flavour, and isn't at all like Mozart.