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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Is it the literary agents of the 00s or the Booker Prize judges of the 70s that look more foolish when the former rejects with wonderful arrogance and loftiness the books the latter selected as the best writing of the year.

Them on Naipaul:
“We . . . thought it was quite original. In the end though I’m afraid we just weren’t quite enthusiastic enough to be able to offer to take things further.”

Naipaul on them:
The “world had moved on” since he wrote the novel, [Naipaul said]. He added: “To see that something is well written and appetisingly written takes a lot of talent and there is not a great deal of that around.”

Other examples of this bitter genre, in which talent spotters are shown to be useless at spotting talent, can be found here and here