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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Not all the conventional points held sacred by Europeans when it comes to the United States are nasty. One of the nicest, is the idea that in the states it doesn't matter that Bill Gates dropped out of college whereas in Europe it matters an absurd amount. Willhelm von Gates could only ever hope to be a middle-manager at Siemens, and a middling one at that. Given that, why does Radioshack's CEO have to resign for lying about the two degrees he doesn't have? If you start your career at a McDonalds at 16 and work your way up to Radioshack CEO then you deserve one of those degrees for life experience that I get offered by email every day. Let the guy pad his resume, especially when he's padding it with degrees in theology. I think the shock here was the extent to debase a sacred American document. David Edmondson's success made a mockery of the American middle class's eternal and brutal struggle for places in college. He should move to Hollywood next, where such fabulism is seen as the kind of pep that you need to do get ahead.