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Monday, June 12, 2006


I'm just surprised that Americans are fighting to say rubbish. Otherwise, GM whining about getting 200 words into The New York Times, instead of 490, is pathetic. Consider that the column GM was angry about was 790 words long and that, according to what GM considers fair space, The New York Times would need to print 60% more pages, all of them dedicated readers' responses.

This is one of those problems that Bloggers love to expose as being both a shocking lie perpetrated by the MSM and an inevitable lie, forced by the stupidity of the medium. See Mickey Kaus getting himself worked up by the grotesque lie that comes from the NY Times Book Review being printed a week in advance of the date on the cover by searching for Detroit Free. But there are advantages to the medium. In this case, they are:

1. It forces replies to be less long-winded than Tom Friedman. The Internet encourages people to be even more long winded. Or, in this case, almost as long winded.

2. GM complains that the Times ran 4 pro-Friedman letters "totaling 480 words" yet doesn't think that this shows that letters that are 120 words long have an excellent chance of getting run. It happened 4 times in this case.

3. 200 words is not bad. GM should consider if it needs to say more than Abraham Lincoln did with just 280 words.